And yes, it’s real… ESCREO’s whiteboard paint is now carbon neutral! We have covered the carbon footprint of our goods and services and this is just the next step on our journey towards becoming the first carbon neutral whiteboard paint company by the end of 2022.

Carbon offsetting is a…

ESCREO is an Industry Partner of the British Institute of Interior Design

ESCREO is now an official Industry Partner of the British Institute of Interior Design. Over the past three years ESCREO have managed to position themselves as one of the leaders in whiteboard paint in the country. It is the first dry erase paint company to be partnering with the only professional institute for interior designers in the United Kingdom.

This Industry Partnership is also a huge achievement for the whiteboard paint industry in the country. It acknowledges the appreciation of the UK interior design market for innovative solutions in office fit out and refurbishment, education design and home interior. You can read more about this exclusive partnership on ESCREO’s website.

Halloween gets bigger and bigger every year, and so do decorations! It is a multi-million dollar industry… Shops won’t run out of products to transform your home into a Transylvanian terror-house, but for many of us, sustainability has never been more important nowadays, even when it comes to holidays. And…

Hybrid work is the future of work

Whether you’re an office worker, owner of an eatery or involved in arts and entertainment, the pandemic has changed the way you work. Isn’t it true?

It has highlighted just how viable — or not — working remotely can be. While times have been especially tough for those who own…


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